Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pinkmas treasures and memories

 Ballerina gift ornament! 
 Snow globe gift-- I want to live in a snow globe!!
 Carol Gillot of Paris Breakfasts blog drew Sydney-Marie in Paris for Pink Boy a surprise gift for him! He loved it!
 Karen Sugarman necklace one of a kind jewelry
 Pink Boy gave me this one of a kind Karen Sugarman necklace with a vintage scent vial ( probably from old chatlaine) with pink pearls. Her creations are so unique and pretty. See link below.
 Pinkmas treasures from friends everyone knows how I love books, china and photography by Georgianna Lane She has a new book out in March.
Armand says, " Why is Pinkmas over? Does this mean no more gifts for me?"

Lovely memories with friends are the best part of the holidays

Pinkmas was so nice this year -not too cold, not too hectic.
To the large tree I added more swan ornaments like one below a very fluffy swan. 
I also added more Eiffel Towers mainly pink ones--those are hard to find.

A dear friend gave me a ballerina snow globe to add to my snow globe collection. I want to live in it so pretty the snow swirls so slowly. Magical.

Have a Pink day!

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